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Di Taylor has been a resident of the district since 1994. One of her notable achievements since taking up residence in the district was being the Principal of a very successful local real estate agency. Unfortunately. family circumstances forced Di to step away from real estate for a short period of time. Di is excited to again wear the Principal/Sale Consultant’s hat for new beginning as she could not stay away from the thing she loves, real estate.

In recent years there has been many changes in the real estate domain none more so than the way that the internet and social media have shaped and still is shaping the real estate industry. No longer does an agency need to be the biggest in town or have the biggest billboard to provide an exceptional and rewarding real estate experience.

It is the outstanding knowledge of the local real estate scene, the enthusiasm of Courtney and the team and the desire to provide an exceptional trustworthy service to all that sets Di Taylor Real Estate apart from the rest. Being an important member of the team, Di is proud to introduce you to the affable Mrs Courtney Reeve who will take care of your real estate journey through her sales support role and property management.

We would love to hear from you be it for just a chat about the real estate market or maybe a no obligation appraisal on the value of your property.

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